The naked Donald Trump statues are HORRIFYING

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a sense of humor to the sum total of zero, particularly as it relates to his public image. Trump is notoriously spiteful against those who would dare say or imply a single negative thing about him, which shows his desperate narcissism in full bloom for all observing the behavior. One group, however, has decided to poke Trump in a way nobody else has, by releasing statues of the naked failed businessman.

An anarchist group of collective artists named “INDECLINE” has been setting up lifesize replicas of a naked Donald Trump, of which the group has cheerfully described their art pieces as, “The Emporer Has No Balls.” They show Trump, in his full glory, with a mammoth gut of a stomach and what can only be described as a micropenis.  The statues have been spotted in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Cleveland.

Trouble may be on the horizon for INDECLINE, as Trump typically doesn’t take these matters lightly. In the past he has threatened to sue an artist who depicted him in an unflattering light. The Trump campaign has yet to comment on the statues, and when they do — and they will respond — it will not be a surprise for them to ramble on incoherently about how Donald Trump has the body of an Olympic athlete and that his genitalia is comparable to that of some of the highest paid actors in the pornography industry today. We’ll all sit and wait for the fireworks to begin.

Enjoy a video of one of the Trump statues from around the nation:

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