Target spending $20 million to build single use bathrooms to appease crybaby bigots

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Target has decided to scale back their bathrooms for all policy in being transgender friendly after they took a hit in their pocketbooks from disgruntled consumers.

Target announced they will be spending $20 million over the next few months to build new single-user restrooms. Now there will be no worry about sharing a restroom with anyone, as Target sets up a series of individual rooms filled with toilets. There really haven’t been many, if any, stories which can be proved about bathroom harassment by an individual pretending to be transgendered — but this is America and most of the time we don’t deal in facts. We deal in reckless emotion driven by fear.

The chief financial officer of Target, Cathy Smith, said, “It’s clear that some of our guests like and some dislike our inclusive bathroom policy.”

The guests who dislike the policy of transgender individuals being able to use a bathroom which suits their identity did indeed cause Target to lose money. Target’s stock lost value from $84 to $75.70 in a little under a month. This drop in stock value cut a total of $10 billion from Target’s total value on Wall Street. Even when a company is attempting to be welcoming of all individuals to their store, they are in the business to make money. Therefore the company’s top brass decided a change was necessary. Target’s net income also fell during the time period to $680 million from $753 million just a year prior to the transgender campaign’s commencement.

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