State Department says there are 30 missing Benghazi emails from Clinton

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The enemies of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are chomping at the bit after the State Department said there are as many as 30 missing emails related to the Benghazi attack which Clinton did not disclose.

In the courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta Government lawyers claimed that while Clinton had submitted over 55,000 pages of documents, she had withheld 30 emails. In response, the State Department said they would require a month to review the information and redact anything that may be classified. Judge Mehta was disturbed by this timeline and ordered a report to be issued in a week to explain why the process would take a month, or possibly longer. The order by Judge Mehta is strange as if a review was already going to take a prolonged period of time why would an order be issued for a secondary report that would only eat up further time?

A conservative group named “Judicial Watch” has been involved in numerous lawsuits against the government to force their hand in releasing documents they claim to have a right to view under the Freedom of Information Act. The meat of the lawsuits claims the FBI provided the State Department with 14,900 emails that had not yet been released.

With all of the fervor of these emails, of which 10s of thousands have already been reviewed, Clinton’s enemies are scraping the bottom of the barrel. If their hope is to find a smoking gun in one of the 30 missing emails, they are truly desperate to the point where it is dripping out of their pores.


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