Slumlord Trump raises rent on his own campaign staff in Trump Tower

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One of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s main talking points is how successful of a businessman he claims to be. While his record is in dispute by many, Trump brags he has been able to run his campaign for next to nothing, but now that other individuals are footing the bill he is spending like a drunken sailor. That is typical Trumponian fair, which some of his supporters will cheer. Be cheap with your money and spend, spend, spend when it belongs to someone else.

It turns out Donald Trump has raised the rent on his presidential campaign headquarters at Trump Tower. When Trump was paying for the rent himself, he only charged his campaign $35,458. However, when donor money began to pay for the space in New York the price skyrocketed to a whopping $169,758!

A member of the Republican National Committee, who asked to stay anonymous, said, ““If I was a donor, I’d want answers. If they don’t have any more staff, and they’re paying five times more? That’s the kind of stuff I’d read and try to make an attack ad out of it.”

Trump has also been paying his various business ventures out of campaign funds, to the tune of $260,000 since May. In total Trump International Golf Club  was paid $29,715. Trump National Club was paid $35,845. Trump Restaurants LLC was paid $125,080. All of these payments were made through donor funds, as Trump himself would surely not have paid nearly these amounts if it was coming out of his slimy pocket.


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