Slain U.S. Muslim soldier’s father challenges Trump to take naturalization test

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The father of a slain Muslim U.S. soldier, Khizr Khan, who came to national attention after he offered to let Donald Trump borrow his copy of the constitution during the Democratic National Convention, believes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump should take a U.S. nationalization test. He also accused Trump of not sacrificing “anything or anyone” for the United States. Khan came to America after emigrating from Pakistan in 1980 and took the same test.

Khan was a guest on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes and was asked by the host, “Is the notion of Sharia, that there is a secret plot among believers in Islam to replace American secular constitutional government with “Sharia law” that you are an adherent to that secret law. What do you say to that?”

Khan was pointed in his response, “Either they do not know the constitution of the United States and I speak about it on any occasion. I wish they would have talked to me. I would have showed them the provisions in the United States constitution that leaves no room for any law to be implemented here. They talk about Sharia law. These are laws of various Muslim countries, hodge podge of French, German, British, Portuguese colonists left in these countries. Mixed with some Islamic concepts, that has become Sharia law. There is no such thing as Sharia law. Plus there are provisions in the United States and I speak about it 20 million times before I come on this show. There are precautions. The forefathers have left those safeguards in the constitution.” Khan implored his critics, “For god’s sake read it. I will show you those safeguards that no Sharia law can be implemented in the United States. These terms are dog whistles to gather people against each other, and that is the sad part that my brothers who say this are wonderful people but, for god’s sake, read your own constitution.”

In an email exchange Khan issued a challenge to Donald Trump in a rebuke to Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric:

I challenge Trump to take the naturalization test with me any day. His is demagoguery and pandering for vote. A divider like Trump can never be the steward of this country.

Khan does not stand alone in his call for Trump to take the same test millions of individuals take to earn citizenship in the United States. Senate Miniority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) also called for Trump to take the same test while describing Trump as a “spoiled, unpatriotic drain on society.”

Watch Khan’s comments on All-In:

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