Republicans may go to prison for accusing Clinton of lying

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Congressional Republicans may soon be hearing the clink of handcuffs and the slamming of prison doors after their exhausting efforts to criminalize Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. However, it may be the Republicans who are off to sit in a steel cage, and not Clinton. John Dean has penned a penetrating analysis of the Republican witch hunt which he has described as “bogus and outrageous.”

Dean writes, “Endless efforts by congressional Republicans to foil or foul up Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency have hit a new low. The members of Congress involved cannot be sued for defamation, since they are protected by the “Speech and Debate Clause” of the Constitution, but the fact that they are not merely smearing the former secretary of state but are trying to send her to jail on phony charges of perjury and lying to Congress is beyond the pale of dirty politics. It is an abuse of power and their effort to criminalize politics could one-day blowback on them and result in their going to jail on bogus charges.

According to Dean Republicans have set the stage of criminality by abusing their powers, “That two of the most powerful committee chairs in the House of Representatives have trumped up these bogus charges is stunning to me. This is not the way mature democracies like ours are supposed to operate. These men—along with their staff and the Republican leadership that are part of this ploy—are blatantly abusing congressional powers.”

When the tables are reversed, and Democrats have control of the House while holding the ability to issue subpoenas, Republicans may find themselves in the same perilous position with which they have placed Clinton. Through their baseless and derogatory deriding of Clinton they may eventually face their own congressional injury. And if and when they do, the evidence will show they are guilty of perjuring themselves. One hopes that day comes sooner rather than later.


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