Republicans lied about Ice Cube endorsing Trump, and he obliterated them in response

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump enjoys bragging about how much support he has amongst minority groups, particularly black Americans. Trump’s rhetoric is easily disproved by looking at any number of polls which show Trump’s actual support amongst blacks is below 5% in his best case scenario. Some polls show Trump has exactly zero percent support. This discrepancy in rhetoric over fact is probably why the Trump supporters have begun to push false narratives about black celebrities endorsing their failing demagogue.

Ice Cube, a famed rapper and actor, is the latest celebrity to fall victim to this online ruse. Several memes of Ice Cube have been circulating claiming he endorses Donald Trump’s candidacy. One even included a quote that where Ice Cube said, “I think he’s gonna do anything he can to help poor people that are struggling.” The problem? Ice Cube never said that, and he issued a sharp rebuke via Twitter where he shared the image and disavowed every saying that. He Tweeted:

The reality of the individuals who are spreading this misinformation is they are likely to alienate more voters from Trump than draw to him. Where a celebrity like Ice Cube may have stayed mostly neutral in the past, he will now be using his clout in the world to speak out against Donald Trump; which is exactly what happened next. Ice Cube Tweeted:

Talk about a backfire!

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