Republican party threatens to pull Trump’s campaign funding

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While the Republican party is publicly standing by their presidential nominee Donald Trump, in private conversations have been transpiring where it is being whispered top party officials are considering removing funding to Trump’s campaign in October in an effort to save failing congressional races in a bid to protect their majorities in the House and Senate.

A top Republican National Committee strategist named Sean Spice allegedly told as much to 14 political reporters, but the conversation was off-the-record. Therefore the entire story may be a play to spin Trump’s rhetoric that his own party is against him in his favor to lure potential voters to donate cash to his campaign.

Some Republican bigwigs are frustrated with Trump’s campaign strategy that he is campaigning in Connecticut, a state he is likely not to win, while his polling numbers in Republican strongholds in the south of the country show weakness and sympathy to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

When Spicer was asked by POLITICO about the alleged conversations he said, “When I’ve gotten these questions, I’ve been correcting the record. There is no talk of shifting resources in mid-August and it’s unlikely that would happen until late September or October.”

So perhaps there is a kernel of truth that the Republican overlords are considering cutting bait with Donald Trump, and if they did such a move it would be unprecedented in American politics. Doing so would also give credence to Trump’s rhetoric that the election has been rigged against him, which leaves him with a doggy door of an out to save face for his impending disastrous loss in November.


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