Republican leadership in state of emergency, Trump crashing

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Republican bigwigs are reading the writing on the wall and they are preparing for what seems to be inevitable; Donald Trump’s loss at the hands of Hillary Clinton. To attempt to salvage a modicum of victory in the wake of Trump’s disaster, GOP leaders are looking towards Congressional races to maintain a counterweight against Clinton’s presidency.

In recent weeks Republican National Committee Reince Priebus has stated the RNC may pull funding from Trump’s campaign in October to focus on helping lesser known Republicans win.

The GOP’s strategy now appears to be to offer to voters the view that Hillary Clinton becoming president is an unstoppable force, and the only way to ensure is rendered impotent while in office is to support all Republicans running for House and Senate seats.

Such a strategy is not unheard of, but is unusual. The last time Republicans conceded The White House before November was in 1996 when Senator Bob Dole was destroyed by an overwhelmingly popular Bill Clinton. Republicans knew then they could not stop Clinton, just as they know now they cannot stop the former president’s wife. However, Hillary Clinton is not nearly as popular as Bill Clinton and there has been much speculation that had the GOP nominated a different candidate they would have had a great chance at beating Clinton in November.

The hope among Republican party leaders is to tap into the disgruntled voters who do not support Trump, but also who do not trust Hillary Clinton. Never before in American history have two candidates ever been so untrusted by the citizenry of this nation, and Republicans may be able to convince the electorate that while they don’t want Trump they certainly want to see Clinton’s power kept to a minimum.


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