Racist media vilifies Gabby Douglas, but gives Ryan Lochte a pass for vandalism

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Hypocritical double standards are laid bare in the comparison of Olympians Gabby Douglass and Ryan Lochte. While Douglas has been forced to apologize to fake patriots for not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem, Lochte was given a pass in the media for lying about a robbery. They are both Olympians, so why were the reactions in the public different? Because Douglas is a black woman and Lochte is a white man.

The Twittersphere also noticed this hypocrisy:

Why has Lochte received a pass for creating a robbery out of thin air? It was previously reported that Lochte and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint. However, after later investigation, it became apparent the story was created to spare Lochte’s mother the truth. He and his friends got drunk and decided to destroy the inside of a gas station bathroom. The media’s reaction? Well gee, boys will be boys. In fact the spokesman for the Olympics, Mario Andrada, said “Give these kids a break.” Make note that Andrada made no such plea for Douglas to receive a break, and of the two scenarios which is worse? An Olympian who forgot to put her hand over her heart, or one who disgraced himself and his nation by drunkenly vandalizing a bathroom and then lied about it to his mother like a coward?

What other explanation can be offered to this double standard other than the gender and race of Douglas and Lochte? Look at the offenses themselves, look at the reactions in the world, and look at how the two individuals differ in appearance and draw your own conclusions.

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