Powerful Republican Chairman Demands Trump Release His Taxes and Medical Records

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Powerful Republicans are calling on Donald Trump to release his taxes and medical records. While on CNN Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee broke with his party to take a stand against Trump.

The host asked Chaffetz, “Does Donald Trump’s refusal to release his own tax returns which would show his business interests and might raise questions about potential influences on his own campaign of monied interests, or if he were to be elected president. Does that not raise the same question? Shouldn’t he be equally transparent on his business relationships, investments, etcetera?”

Chaffetz did not appear timid in stating Trump needs to release his taxes, “If you’re going to run and try to become the president of the United States, you’re going to have to open up your kimono and show everything. Your tax returns, your medical records. You’re just going to have to do that. It’s too important. So both candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, should show both their medical records and their tax returns. Absolutely.”

One can always expect a Republican to attack Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but for Chaffetz to also attack Trump, even if it was a mild nudge, was surprising. Apparently, Chaffetz does not fear a reprisal from Trump if he were to win the presidency.

The interview continued and the host asked, “Fair point. Now in your position, let me ask you, as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee; if either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected president can we expect a series of public investigations and inquiries on these kinds of topics if either of them is elected?”

In another surprise, Chaffetz vowed to investigate and inquire into Trump. He quickly answered, “Yes. I think Republicans made a mistake when George W. Bush was president when they helped control the House. It seemed like through the metrics that they actually let off the gas pedal. So no matter who wins we have a duty, a responsibility under the constitution to actually be that check and balance. So I hope to continue to be the chairman of that committee.”

Watch the entire exchange below:

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