Police Officer Gets Shocking Punishment For Murdering Black Man

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Is it shocking or is it not shocking that police officers can murder someone and it would seem at the worst they have to leave their jobs? Are Police Officers the New “James Bond” – License To Kill.

In a video which has sparked huge controversy across the city, three police officers shot at a man, killing him, – he was unarmed. They claim he was shooting at them, but in reality they were just hearing the other officers in the unit (read: gang) also shooting at him, an unarmed man. After they realized what was happening they are heard on their body cams telling one another to turn off their body cams. As for the officer that killed the man – his body cam was “malfunctioning”.

Via RawStory: Bodycam video released Friday shows a car apparently driven by O’Neal driving at a high rate of speed past police officers on a residential street, prompting at least one officer to get out of his cruiser and fire multiple shots at O’Neal’s car. Johnson said it’s against departmental policy to fire at or into a moving car if the car is the only potential use of force by a suspect, which prompted him to relieve the officers of their duties.

O’Neal abandons the car soon after the multiple shots from police and runs onto a neighboring residential property as police give chase. Officers are slowed by a closed gate at the home, and body cam video features audio of multiple shots fired as officers are stymied by the gate, without showing how they occurred. Later, the bodycam video shows at least five officers handcuffing a wounded and bleeding O’Neal, who is face down on the ground. One officer is heard asking, “They shot at us too? Right?”

O’Neal was shot in the back, the Associated Press reports, and the fatal shooting was not captured on video because the body cam of the officer who fired the fatal shot was not operating at the time, authorities said. Later, additional footage shows a sergeant telling officers to shut off their body cams and directs one officer not to speak about the shooting in front of officers wearing their cameras, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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