Police Force Muslim Woman To Remove Religious Clothing At Beach

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You’re at the beach enjoying a relaxing day. The sun is shining, but not too hot. People are all around you laughing and having a good time. The scene is serene¬†when suddenly armed police are standing over you demanding you remove your clothing or you will be fined. If you refuse to comply, who knows what lengths the armed individuals will go to enforce their petty codes.

That is precisely what happened in a town in France, ironically named “Nice.” A Muslim woman was at the local beach wearing a “burkini”, which is a modesty swimsuit of full length that covers all parts of the body except for the face, hands, and feet.” However, the city of Nice is one of 15 towns in France which has banned the wearing of this type of garb due to “terrorism”, because a woman at the beach is such a threat to society.

The woman ceded to the demands of local law enforcement and pulled off her full-sleeved tunic. She was then apparently given a ticket by law enforcement and the local government stands behind the decisions of the officers claiming they were only doing their job.

A photograph of the incident has since gone viral, and the Deputy-Mayor of nice denounced the image stating it puts the lives of local law enforcement at risk. The risk of which he spoke was due to individuals being outraged that police were harassing a peaceful individual at the beach minding their own business. He said, “I condemn these unacceptable provocations.” What is unacceptable is an individual being persecuted for wearing a swimsuit.

The woman who was targeted by law enforcement spoke out. She said, “My daughter was crying. She did not understand why her mother had to leave the beach. It’s the first time I faced such discrimination.”

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