Pennsylvania massacre: 2-year-old heart transplant recipient’s entire family murdered

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Tragedy has struck in Berks County, Pennsylvania after a famed two-year-old girl heart transplant recipient was found murdered along with her entire family.

At just 6-days-old Willow Short received a heart transplant which saved her life, which had to be treated with a very expensive medication that prevented her tiny body from rejecting her new heart. Her story roused America and has been followed in some of the nation’s largest publications, including The New York Times.

The entire Short family, including parents Mark and Megan, along with the 5-year-old brother and  8-year-old sister of Willow Short were all found dead via gunshot wounds in their home on August 7, 2016. Police are investigating the massacre to be a murder/suicide scenario, but at this time are not releasing information regarding who they believe pulled the trigger.

A handwritten note was found at the scene, but police have not yet released the contents of said note. However, police did offer that Mark and Megan Short had been working through “domestic issues.”

Police were alerted to the Short’s home after Megan missed a lunch date with a family member.

The Berks County District Attorney’s office issued a short statement, “This is an apparent tragic domestic incident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families at this difficult time.”

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