OOPS: Trump Claims Hillary An Elitist, And Then Ivanka Was Photographed Here

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Donald Trump while he was going on one of his rants about Hillary claimed she was an elitist. It was easy to miss, since it was amid much other insane gibberish – however, it gained special attention after people realized where Ivanka Trump was while he made the comments.

Ivanka isn’t like a normal child of the campaign trail. She’s considered a Trump advisor, a confidante – he’s gone so far as to fire his previous campaign manager after she recommended it. Being the daughter of Trump, Ivanka has rich friends – she was just photographed lounging on a $200 million yacht.

David Geffen, another member of the billionaire club hosted Ivanka and her husband Jared, as well as Wendy Murdoch – Russian President Putin’s girlfriend.

Via RealTimePolitics: Vacationing with David Geffen is an odd choice for Trump, since David Geffen was one of the earliest supporters of Barack Obama and donated to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Geffen is a noted Democrat, and a huge donor and fundraiser for the party.

It’s quite strange that Ivanka would be photographed with the Russian President’s girlfriend while her father is under criticism for having Russian ties, his campaign head is an x-Russian political operative, and he’ll be going into a classified intelligence briefing today with Lt. Gen Flynn who formerly received payroll from Russian State TV.

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