Olympian Gabby Douglas forced to apologize to fake patriots

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The moronic patriots are out in force again, this time attacking a United States olympian for a petty perceived slight after Gabby Douglas forgot to place her hand over her heart during the time “The Star-Spangled Banner” played. Douglas has issued an apology, although she should not have to appease the blind masses who think they know what does or does not make a patriot.

Douglas wrote, “In response to a few tweets I saw tonight, I always stand at attention out of respect for our country whenever the national anthem is played. I never meant any disrespect and I apologize if I offended anyone.” Her post continued, “I’m so overwhelmed at what our team accomplished today and overjoyed that we were able to bring home another gold for our country.”

One would assume Douglas helping to win a gold medal for America would solidify her position as a hero in the eyes of the American people, but apparently that isn’t good enough for some who decided to trash Douglas and her efforts. One wonders how many of these individuals would even be capable of focusing their attention on the Olympics long enough to watch the entire match, let alone compete, or to know how much hard work and dedication it takes for someone to reach the highest level of competition in their respective field.

The individuals who have made the decision to become hostile towards Douglas expose themselves as wild hypocrites who do not understand the concept of patriotism and they should be embarrassed and ashamed at their conduct. Gabby Douglas is an American hero who deserves our respect and reverence — not petty criticism.

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