MSNBC Host crushed Trump’s surrogate when he tried making racist comments

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a variety of supporters, most of whom are ugly and incendiary in their views about the world. Joy Reid, a popular host on MSNBC, has made a career out of destroying absurdly hysterical talking points spewed by right-wing individuals without a brain in their heads and her recent guest was not an exception to the rule.

Reid hosted Alfonso Aguilar, the executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. What a bizarre name for a group, considering conservatives are largely uninterested in the interests of Latinos. The appearance by Aguilar was an embarrassment for both himself and the Trump campaign.

Aguilar said the calls against Trump being a racist were mere “smears”, but Reid was not going to let him off the hook so easily. She said, “He is retweeting white nationalist. Which, if you’re following them, they’re somehow in the stream of your social media.” Aguilar claimed he “could argue” Reid’s point was a double standard, of which he offered no argument to prove his point. The mere act of possibly arguing was enough for him. Reid quickly countered that she was not making a double standard against Trump.

The foolish Trump surrogate attempted to change the conversation from Trump being friendly with racists to Planned Parenthood, which again bore disastrous results. He said, “52 percent of all abortions are performed on Latino and African-Americans.” Reid was unimpressed and cut Aguliar’s time short. She ended the segment by saying, “Okay I think that smear on Planned Parenthood cannot go forward and we are not going to continue with that line of questioning.”

Reid deserves applause for her unwillingness to entertain the nonsense of Trump supporters. If every member of the media had her mindset, Trump may not have become the media monster which he is today.

Watch the brutalization below:

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