Model Chrissy Teigen humiliated Trump’s spokeswoman, and she was too dense to realize it

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, continues to humiliate herself in public and one wonders how she was ever elevated to a position of such prominence.

After Pierson accused President Obama of starting the war in Afghanistan, when the war began almost 10 years before Obama took office, one could safely assume Pierson was a few eggs short of a dozen. However Pierson’s lack of historical knowledge is one thing, and being unable to understand when one is insulting you is another. Pierson was attacked on Twitter by the beautiful Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen, but Pierson didn’t understand she was being insulted. Instead, Pierson accepted the comments as compliments, proving herself to be oblivious to sarcasm.

The exchange below is all the proof one needs to understand how dim of a bulb Pierson truly is:

Teigen’s Tweets finally caught the attention of Pierson who cheerfully responded:

The savagery continued:


Pierson’s inability to absorb information to react in real time is a considerable detriment to Donald Trump’s campaign. Pierson is highly unqualified to speak for Trump, but considering Trump’s lack of qualifications and oblivious nature it appears the two pair of odd ducks have been made for one another.

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