Media seeks to unseal Trump’s divorce records to prove sexual assault charges

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s 1990 divorce to his estranged wife Ivana Trump is once again public fodder after Gannet Company, which is the parent company of The New York Times, asked the New York Supreme Court to unseal the divorce records.

Headlines were made in 1990 after the divorce between the failed businessman and his wife was allowed on the unsurprising grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment.” However, what this “cruel and inhumane treatment” entailed has never been disclosed. After the divorce was granted the Trumps reached a settlement and have never spoken on the intimate details of the divorce. Today they claim to still be friends. There have been previous allegations that Donald Trump sexually assaulted Ivana Trump which is what led to their parting of ways, but that has never been substantiated through documented evidence.

Considering that Donald Trump is seeking the highest office in the world it behooves the American people to see the details of Trump’s divorce, according to Gannet Company. In their request to have records released they wrote of Trump’s divorce:

It would be deeply incongruous to American democracy to bar the public from seeing the official court records pertaining directly to the credibility and character of a person they must soon decide whether to elect as their president.

They also said, the records of Trump’s divorce “have become directly relevant to the issues being debated in the hotly contested presidential campaign.”

If and when the records become unsealed, it will only be then that the public knows the truth about the circumstances of the decades-old divorce. Until that time there will only be speculation — something which Trump has made the bread and butter of his campaign. Turn about is fair play.

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