Joe Biden says Trump “He would have loved Stalin”

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Democratic favorite Vice President Joe Biden laid into Donald Trump at a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This rally was the first time Biden and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have shared a stage during the campaign. Biden criticized Trump for his ongoing bromance with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He said, “Trump’s ideas are not only profoundly wrong, they’re very dangerous and they’re very un-American.”

The outgoing Vice President spoke about his deceased son Beau, who died of brain cancer. It was speculated by many news outlets that Biden’s refusal to run for president was due to being grief-stricken. Biden said, “I was proud, my son Beau served for a year in Iraq, came back a highly decorated soldier. I must tell you, had Donald Trump been president I would have thrown my body in front of him. No, I really mean it, to keep him from going if the judgment was based on Trump’s decision.”

Trump’s insistence on praising dictators like Putin and Saddam Hussein have drawn ire from both sides of the aisle, and Biden made sure the audience did not forget about those statements. He reminded, “He’s even showered praise on Saddam Hussein, one of the vilest dictators of the twentieth century, a man who repeatedly backed terror attacks against Isreal, because he was supposedly, the reason he admired his, he was a “killer of terrorists.” That’s why he likes Saddam. He would have loved Stalin. He would have loved Stalin.

Hopefully, Biden’s comments will wake up American voters who are considering voting for Trump to the reality of what his presidency would mean.

Watch the entire Scranton campaign rally below:

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