Hypocrite Trump talks tough on immigration, but has a long history of using illegal workers

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The evidence of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s staggering hypocrisy as it relates to his immigration rhetoric continues to pile up.

Trump has built his campaign around being tough on immigration. He plans to build a wall along the U.S. Mexico border, and has vowed to eject millions of individuals living inside America’s borders who are not legal residents. However, Trump only talks tough when it does not impact his pocketbook, as he has absolutely no qualms with using undocumented workers to make him money.

A new report by Mother Jones featured several former employees of Trump’s “Trump Model Management“, who all worked for Trump on tourist visas which did not allow the models to work while inside American borders. The report showed Trump knew these models should not have been working, but continued to allow them to work without consideration of their legal status. One of the models, Rachel Blais, told Mother Jones, “I was pretty on edge most of the time I was there. I was there illegally. A sitting duck.”

The faux-billionaire used his employee’s legal status against them by offering them a place to live, as they had nowhere else to go otherwise. Blais further said of Trump’s employment practices, “Just like “the majority of models who are young, have never been to NYC, and don’t have papers, I was just put in Trump’s models’ apartment. The apartment was like a sweatshop.”

Trump’s hypocrisy should come as no surprise to individuals who have been attention to his campaign, and who have followed along with the revelations about his past business conduct. The rules Trump proffers are not ones which he has any plans to follow himself, because he views himself as immune and above the law. This mindset should horrify any American who may potentially have to live for the next four to eight years under President Trump.


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