Hillary Just Destroyed Trump’s Ignorant Race Baiting In One Perfect Move

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Friday at a Michigan rally, Trump cited what he called high unemployment and poor schools to argue that Democrats have failed them. “To those hurting, I say: What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump?” the Republican nominee said.

Trump spoke in Michigan at the end of last week, claiming that it was Democrats who had failed communities of color. “To those hurting, I say: What do you have to lose by trying something new like (me)Trump?” He likes referring to himself in the third person… It’s an ego thing.

Hillary’s campaign released the following statement in response:
“Donald Trump asks what the African American community has to lose by voting for him. The answer is everything from a man who questions the citizenship of the first African American President, courts white supremacists, and has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color.”

This tweet from Hillary sums it up perfectly.


Trump wasted no time in proving that he is still in fact a racist. A half-Indian supporter of his who “matched the description” of a protestor, despite being a registered Republican was removed from a campaign event. Identified as Jake Anantha.

“I do think it’s because I’m brown.. Obviously now I’m very angry. I’ve wasted a bunch of time coming here. I may have wasted six months of my life supporting Donald Trump, who doesn’t even let me come to his rallies.” Although we do feel bad for him, how bad for him can we feel?

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