Hillary Clinton just released her 2015 taxes while Trump makes excuses to not release his

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s taxes, and his refusal to release them, have been a cause for ire. Now Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has released her 2015 tax returns and is chiding Trump to release his.

The returns by Clinton showed the former-first family brought in $10.6 million, which is considerably less than the almost $30 million they generated in 2014. With Clinton’s 2015 income she payed a whopping $3.24 million to Uncle Sam, which was around 30.6% of the Clinton’s total adjusted gross income. With this release Clinton has now shared 39 years’ worth of tax returns, while Donald Trump has released exactly zero.

In past months Trump has stated he is not releasing his taxes because he is being audited by the IRS, and if he were to released the information it may lead the IRS to take punitive action against him. The IRS says Trump is under no legal obligation to not release his taxes and that he is free to release any information he likes. As it happens Trump’s vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence has also not released his taxes. Conversely Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, ┬áSen. Tim Kaine, has released his taxes. In 2015 Kaine and his wife earned around $313,000 and paid $63,000 in taxes placing Kaine’s tax burden at only 20%.

The Democratic presidential ticket has been following with the 40-year tradition of candidate releasing their taxes. Never before in the 40-year span has a candidate not released their taxes, and with Clinton releasing her most recent return, it will place that much extra pressure on Trump to follow suit lest he continues to be humiliated in public.


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