Hillary Clinton DESTROYS Trump In New Ad, And He Is FURIOUS About It!

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Is there anyone who doesn’t want to see Trump’s tax returns? The tax returns that he refuses to release. Hillary knows as much, which is why she put out an ad slamming Trump for not releasing his. This after releasing hers, showing yearly income of roughly $10 million and a tax rate of roughly 30% she paid out.

Clinton’s ad is particularly difficult for Trump to deal with because it features exclusively Republicans speculating as to why he may not have released them. Voices include Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell.

What’s particularly hard hitting is that we all KNOW there’s going to be an utter sh*t-storm of things wrong with Trump’s tax returns, otherwise he would have released them already. What’s the reason? Is he not as rich as he claims to be? Some people think he’s less than half of what he says he is. He probably doesn’t donate to charity like he claims to. He probably pays barely any taxes.

No matter how you look at what his problem is, it’s huge. This is a guy who has captured the imagination of Rednecks everywhere, who think they can relate to him… They dream one day they’ll be just like Trump, which is why it will be a difficult pill to swallow when the tax returns show him to be the immoral business man that he has been proven to be.

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