GOP FL director shocks establishment by quitting due to Trump

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The bad news keeps rolling in for Donald Trump as quickly as he can open his mouth and insert his foot. The communications director of the Florida Republican Party announced that he will be leaving his post as he can no longer abide Trump’s blatant racism.

Gaitan gave a statement where he shows gratitude for the opportunity to lead in Florida:

“I’m thankful for my almost two years with the Florida GOP, however, moving on gives me a great, new opportunity to continue promoting free market solutions while avoiding efforts that support Donald Trump.”

The timing of the departure of the communications director, Wadi Gaitan, could not come at a worse time for Trump who is desperately attempting to secure Florida’s electoral votes. Without Florida, it is doubtful that Trump will have a path towards victory in November. While the election is far from concluded, the walls are closing in around Trump as more Americans are coming to realize just what a Trump presidency would mean. The vile rhetoric of Trump has sparked Democratic voter registration across the nation to unprecedented levels, particularly in California which has risen by a staggering 218 percent, and 123 percent among Hispanics. Such increases will likely help to tip the scales in Hillary Clinton’s favor come November, but until election day comes it will be impossible to predict the outcome.

It seems putrid chickens Trump has been selling are finally coming home to roost as more and more individuals band together to stand against his vile political brand of hatred, division, and fear.


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