GOP congressman gets humiliated on CNN when he tries pushing lies about Clinton’s health

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Republican congressman Sean Duffy, of MTV’s “Real World” fame, was on CNN attempting to attack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health while simultaneously defending Donald Trump’s health. The exchange was a disaster for Duffy who was left dumbfounded multiple times during the segment.

Duffy began by stating, “You can Google and watch where she is having all kinds of coughing attacks. Donald Trump doesn’t have that. There’s video where she stumbles off the stage and has to be grabbed and put back up. So those are issues we’ve seen on YouTube, but again I don’t think they are relevant to the American voter.”

If he doesn’t think it is relevant, why is he beating the drum so loud? The contradictions continue. Host Brianna Keiler asked, “You said there have been a few instances of this?” Duffy snapped back with more questions, “Have you seen the coughing attacks? You haven’t seen those?” Keiler let Duffy know she is a journalist who doesn’t sit in a newsroom all day and quipped, “I have been there for those.”

The poorly prepared congressman appeared to be out of steam when he turned the subject to Trump. He queried, Duffy:” Ok…Have you seen those with Donald Trump?”

It seems Mr. Duffy is a self-proclaimed doctor, so Keiler asked for his expertise, “Who doesn’t occasionally cough?”

Duffy continued his ridiculous line of simultaneous attack and defense, “A coughing fit is different than a cough. Stumbling off the stage is different than a guy who can stand there and deliver an engaged speech. But, to be clear, you brought it up. I think the issues in this campaign go to the economy, go to opportunity, go to good education, go to a secure border, go to addressing ISIS. All issues which my constituents care about. I’m not peddling anything about her health.”

How can Duffy say he is not “peddling” questions about Clinton’s health when he has repeated, verbatim, numerous unsubstantiated rumors? Because he is a walking contradiction and shill for the Republican party. Duffy is young and is trying to make his bones with the GOP bigwigs.

Keiler was unimpressed. She laughed and called Duffy out, “Yes, you are.” True to his Republican form Duffy attempted to shift the blame, “No I am not. You brought it up. I didn’t want to talk about this.” Keiler brought the entire segment home and exposed Duffy for the hypocrite he is, “You are right. I did bring it up, and you are peddling it.”


Watch the ridiculous segment below:

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