George W. Bush cuts down Trump’s political policies

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Republican presidential nominee is not racking up the endorsements of powerful Republican figures as he believed he would, and he can now cross former President George W. Bush’s name off his list of supporters. Bush made it clear he does not, and will not, support Trump for president.

During a private fundraiser for Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman, Bush gave a an hour long speech where he critiqued Trump’s policies of “isolationism, nativism and protectionism” to a crowd of about 400 individuals who paid for the pleasure to be there. Bush’s criticism of Trump is expected considering Trump has made Bush a cornerstone whipping boy by constantly decrying Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003 as a mistake. One should keep in mind Trump never actually stated he was against the war in Iraq before the invasion, but only after the effort proved to be a failure.

No media was allowed during the speech and therefore there is not an actual video record. One individual in attendance was Ken Blackwell, the former Secretary of State of Ohio. He said of the speech, “It was an interesting exercise of statecraft.┬áNo one could say he directly spoke in attack mode against Donald Trump. Neither could anybody miss the fact that he thought there were some cutting-edge issues that Trump is advancing that need to be scrutinized and debated.”

The fundraiser itself was a hit. Sen. Portman said, “We are honored to have President George W. Bush in Ohio to help us raise well over $1 million in a single day.” As for the president, his spokesperson Freddy Ford declined to comment on Bush’s private comments.

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