Gay Olympic Swimmer unleashes furious tirade after The Daily Beast outs gay Olympians

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The trash rag known as The Daily Beast published a disgusting article by Nico Hines where Mr. Hines outed numerous gay Olympic athletes for no particular purpose other than to ruin lives. The Internet was ablaze with outrage after The Daily Beast’s publication and, as of this writing, they have lost over 600,000 Facebook followers.

In the face of this outrage, The Daily Beast has taken the strange step of removing the original article whilst issuing a mea culpa that they were wrong to originally publish the content. As if their removal of the article has performed some sort of public service while the names of the individuals who were outed were republished millions of times on thousands of other news outlets. It is guaranteed that all of the other publications will not be removing the names to protect the identities of the individuals who were targeted in this hit piece.

An Olympic swimmer named Amini Fonua took to Twitter to release a barrage of fury on the trash publication’s integrity which echoed the feelings of millions of others around the world. Fonua said The Daily Beast is “disgusting” while reminding the despicable publication about how many lives they just ruined for no other reason than attempting to exploit the sexuality of athletes for some cheap clicks to generate revenue. Fonua is a 26-year-old competitive swimmer from Tonga and is publicly out and open about his sexuality.

View Fonua’s tirade below:

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