Fox’s O’Reilly just said the most racist thing about America’s Olympic basketball team

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Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly, host of “The O’Reilly Factor“, has made a name for himself over the years making ridiculous proclamations about minorities.

During O’Reilly’s recent monologue he described how wonderful it was to see black basketball players representing the United States. O’Reilly took this line of rhetoric to attempt to paint himself as anything but a racist wolf in sheep’s clothing. O’Reilly said, “The best image for me was the sight of the American basketball team carrying our flags after winning the gold medal. The team was all minority, players showing pride in their country. When the national anthem was played, the guys had their hands on their hearts, no cheap shots at the country that had afforded them the opportunities to succeed at the highest level. So, to me, the spirit of America is intact, despite the fact, despite the fact that zealots and loons on both political spectrums are trying to tear the U.S.A. down.”

One would not be hard pressed to find individuals who believe O’Reilly has contributed to the “tearing down” of American society through his repetitive spreading of hateful and divisive propaganda. The Fox host continued, “If you believe the far left, we are a bigoted country that actively seeks to destroy young black men. The crazy left also puts out that we want to persecute innocent immigrants, that our economic system is rigged to help the wealthy, that our social system intentionally punishes the poor.”

The “far left” are not the only citizens who believe America has a racial injustice problem, and one only has to look towards daily news headlines to see how minorities are adversely impacted due to archaic criminal laws.

Fox’s cash cow finished his worthless diatribe, “All lies. But they are spread by politicians and dishonest media who actively despise their own country. Talking Points has expounded on Black Lives Matter. There is no need to do that again here, other than to say the leadership of that organization hates America”

Mr. O’Reilly couldn’t help himself but throw a barb at Black Lives Matter. The subject was Olympics, but because the basketball team is all black, and Black Lives Matter represents black people, clearly the two are related. The very thinking of O’Reilly shows he is indeed a racist, and that his comments on the black community are ignorant and unwarranted.

Watch the segment below:

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