Fox News host surprisingly crushes Trump’s spokesperson for ducking questions

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Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson was on television embarrassing herself again. One wonders why the Trump campaign allows Pierson to continue to make appearances after she erroneously asserted that President Barack Obama started the Afghanistan war while on CNN, but logic isn’t their strong suit.

While appearing on Fox News, which is typically quite Trump friendly, Pierson ran into the stone wall of Fox Host Arthel Neville who wasn’t gentle in her inquiries towards Pierson about why Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Neville queried, “As you know, Katrina, presidential candidates have consistently released their tax returns since the 70s. And you also know there is no existing law barring people from releasing their tax returns during an audit. So the question that everyone wants to know, why won’t Mr. Trump release his tax returns? And can you answer the implications that he’s hiding something?”

Pierson attempted to make light of the long-standing tradition of presidential candidates releasing their taxes, “This really has become much of a novelty in presidential campaigns.” Neville jumped in, “What has become a novelty?” Pierson retorted, “Just simply releasing tax returns.” Neville was unimpressed, “It’s been going on since the 1970s. It’s a tradition, not a novelty. The voters want to know.” The back and forth continued with Pierson, “It’s a novelty tradition!” Neville sarcastically replied, “Excuse me. Okay, since the 70s, it’s now a novelty.”

After the exchange Neville really let Pierson have it:

The reason why the voters like Mr. Trump is because he is a successful businessman. They think that he can do the same for the business of this country: Create jobs, get the economy back on track. So, that is why they want to see his tax returns. Why won’t he show them? Put the proof in the pudding.

Pierson then suggested Trump, the biggest bully of them all, was attempting to bully Trump into releasing his taxes. She was reminded “Really, it’s about the Trump supporters. They want to see it. Isn’t it fair for Mr. Trump to go ahead and show the people who have been out there backing him?” Pierson then lost the debate after she said, “I haven’t seen any Trump supporters asking to see them.”

The spokesperson for the Trump campaign implies nobody, out of millions of Trump supporters, want to see his taxes? Perhaps she missed the Republican polls which show over 30% of voters will be less likely to support Trump if he doesn’t release the tax information before the election?

Neville ended the conversation by sarcastically offering Pierson the opportunity to return after Trump released his taxes, “Katrina, I’d love to have you back after Mr. Trump unveils his tax returns and we can go through it line by line.”

Watch the full exchange below:

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