Fox News host called Trump a racist live on the air

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a rally in Reno, Nevada where she ferociously attacked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Clinton’s strategy was to use Trump’s own words against him, and she was very successful in her efforts. Members of the right-wing media took notice of Clinton’s speech, including Fox News anchor Shepard Smith.

Smith said of Clinton, “(she) just tagged her Republican rival as a racist, fear mongering conspiracy theorist who is temperamentally unfit to be president of the United States. The problem with any attempt to rebut her is that in this case she used Donald Trump’s own words, was historically accurate on his policies, on all reviewed points.”

The comments from Smith were followed by analysis from Wall Street Journal reporter James Grimaldi who was equally as impressed with Clinton. Grimaldi chimed in, “It was pretty extraordinary and pretty hard-hitting, and as you pointed out used his own words against himself. I think bringing up the Breitbart guy who’s on the campaign — I think it’ll be interesting to see how he responds to this. He did try to do a pre-response, I think, but she, I think, is trying to match his very hard-hitting language with something that she considers hard-hitting, but thinks is more documented than maybe some of the attacks that he is leveling against her.”

Grimaldi was a bit cowardly in the end of the segment when he said, “I’m not one to generally label people like (as a racist) that so I would pass on that question.” As a reporter for one of the biggest publications in America, and considering Trump’s rhetoric, it is Grimaldi’s own inability to take a stand against the vile words of Trump. Thankfully Shepard Smith took a stand.

Watch Smith’s comments below:

Watch Hillary Clinton’s full speech from Reno, Nevada below:

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