Fox News crushed Trump’s campaign boss over her LIES about minorities

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In something of an apology tour Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been making his rounds attempting to win over minority voters after realizing he needs them to win the presidency. Trump’s strategy has been to make his pitch to minorities in front of nearly all-white crowds because he is a buffoon who doesn’t understand how poorly the optics play in the media. One of Trump’s surrogates even suggested Trump can’t speak to large crowds of black voters because he fears for his safety. A shocking development occurred when a Fox News host, of all people, called out Trump for his rhetoric and poor attempts at making amends.

Chris Wallace was speaking to Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway who has all of the personality of a doorknob. Wallace showed Conway a clip of Trump stating, “Poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership, crime at levels that nobody’s seen.” and Wallace then said, “That totally misrepresents what blacks face in this country. Trump says black youth unemployment is 58 percent. It’s actually 19 percent. Twenty-six percent of blacks live in poverty. That’s not good. But the vast majority do not. How can Trump address the problem when he doesn’t seem to understand what it really is?”

Conway was surprised by Wallace’s question, as she apparently anticipated a cake-walk on the Trump friendly network. She responded, “So as I understand it, Chris, the 58 percent refers to the number of African-American youth who are not working. But you’re right. We’re also taking our message to African-Americans who are concerned about other things like lending, like housing, like discrimination. They may be unsafe. They may live in safe neighborhoods with fine schools, but it certainly isn’t what their children deserve. They deserve the same high-quality education as other children. And that’s his point.”

In one breath Conway defended Trump’s comments and in the other she acknowledged Wallace is correct Trump doesn’t understand the plight of minority voters. The half-hammed talking out of both ends of her mouth is typical for Conway, which is why she is running Trump’s campaign.

Watch the entire segment below:

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