Fox News considering firing top rated host for supporting Hillary’s candidacy

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Curiouser and curiouser the quagmire of Fox News becomes while the network attempts to limp through the worst media scandal in the network’s history when news recently broke that one of their top rated hosts is looking for the door before the entire ship sinks.

It has been reported by Vanity Fair that Fox News is going to either lose Bill O’Reilly or Megyn Kelly in the near future. Fox News has been a mostly positive cheering section for Donald Trump, in particular the coverage by Bill O’Reilly. Megyn Kelly, however, is another ball of wax entirely. Her terse relationship with Trump devolved into an all out feud, before the two were forced to kiss and makeup during a prime time interview. Trump doesn’t forget a slight, so it is hard to imagine him having actually have forgiven Kelly. Vanity Fair wrote:

Besides a ratings hit, losing Kelly would be devastating for the optics of Fox News. “On top of all their troubles they have, if they lose their ‘It girl,’ they’ll be in even worse shape,” one rival television executive told me. The Ailes scandal has given her additional leverage. “If I’m her agent, I’m thinking ka-ching,” the executive added. Kelly, who according to the L.A. Times makes around $10 million a year at Fox News, could possibly command double that when her current contract expires in July 2017, a figure more in line with what her in-house rival and nemesis Bill O’Reilly reportedly earns.

The point to remember here is O’Reilly’s contract ends in a year, and so does Kelly’s. Who is left standing at Fox News will be based entirely upon who wins the presidential election. If Trump wins, Kelly is gone. If Clinton wins, say goodbye to O’Reilly.


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