First Member Of Trump Family Voting For Hillary

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There’s a new Esquire profile On Jaren Kushner’s brother – Josh Kushner. Ivanka Trump, Trump’s “favorite” daughter, and likely Senior Advisor on his campaign has been vehemently Pro-Trump, announcing his run for Presidency and introducing him at the Republican National Convention. Her husband, Jaren Kushner has through Trump’s public statements been a large part of the campaign. He owns his own media companies, in addition to a construction business – his father left the business disgraced after a criminal sentence for tax evasion and witness tampering.

Josh Kushner is the first member of the “Trump” family to openly revolt against him, coming out as a “Lifelong democrat” in his new Esquire profile. According to Vicky Ward a spokewoman “said that he loved his brother and did not want to say anything that might embarrass him. Nevertheless, the spokesman also said that Josh is a lifelong Democrat and will not be voting for Donald Trump in November,”. Far from being a disgrace one wonders how no other member of the Trump family seems to have a single belief of their own.

The Kushner’s live in opulence. Ivanka Trump and Jaren Kushner recently were in the spotlight, partying on a $200 million yacht at the same time as Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton an elitist. Josh Kushner lives a similar lifestyle, his girlfriend – of course – a supermodel.




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