FBI Announces New Report That Could Cost Hillary The Election

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The sharks and circling and blood will soon be in the water. The FBI has announced they will soon be releasing the much heralded and sought after report that was originally sent to the Justice Department in July regarding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails. In the report the FBI stated they did not believe Clinton should be prosecuted for using a private email server.

The announcement delights both sides of the political aisle, as left-wingers will use the report to defend Clinton’s actions, and right-wingers will dig through the full report in hopes of finding what they believe to be a further impropriety. The timing for the release is less than helpful for Clinton. From a strategic campaign standpoint, the report’s release would have been best after the presidential election was over, as all that will truly transpire is an old talking point about Clinton will be reignited.

There will be a further information release, which entails a full copy of Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI. In total, the investigation by the FBI spans roughly 30 pages, and Clinton’s interview spans about 12 pages. Curiously the FBI has stated they will not yet be releasing interviews with individuals connected to Clinton including her current and former aides and employees.

FBI officials claim the release of records has nothing to do with politics. They have stated they have received so many Freedom of Information Act requests about Hillary Clinton that it is simpler to release the records. The public shall soon know what is comprised of those mysterious 40 pages.


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