Eric Trump told an unbelievable lie about his father’s fake apology to Muslim Family

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GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, defended his father’s rhetoric against the family of a fallen Muslim U.S. solider.

During an appearance on “CBS This Morning” Eric Trump flatly lied to the American public by claiming his father had apologized to the Khan family after the Khans questioned Donald Trump’s sacrifice.

A co-host of the program, Norah O’Donnell, asked “Would your father be willing to apologize and move on?”

Then the whopper came out. Eric Trump claimed his father had already apologized when he said:

I think that’s a great question for him, and he has by calling them a hero.

Such nonsense, but the rambling incoherence did not stop there. Eric Trump continued, “In terms of the one question. Whether you’ve made a sacrifice. I think my father has. Now, that’s certainly not the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice is a soldier dying for this nation, dying to protect the three of us, no doubt about it.”

Another co-host, famed journalist Charlie Rose, joined the discussion asking Trump, “Who tells your father he’s wrong?” and followed up with another question, “When’s the last time you told him he’s wrong?”
Considering Eric Trump’s whopping just seconds prior it is difficult to believe the younger Trump when he said, “Listen, we do it respectfully, we go back and forth as a family. I think that’s actually the benefit of having children be part of this process.”
And there you have it. Not only has Donald Trump insulted the families of every individual who ever served in the armed forces, but now he has his children going around on television networks to attempt to spin a fairy tale of The Donald being a warm and fuzzy humanitarian.
Watch the entire ridiculous interaction below:

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