Donald Trump’s health remains a mystery and many are questioning why

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Right wing idiots have spent years attempting to come up with scandals to discredit Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. After all of their efforts have fallen flat to pin something on her, they then looked to her health, of which there has been little to report. However, in questioning Clinton’s health right wingers open the door to questions about Trump’s health.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has released nearly nothing in terms of information about his present state of health. It is a simple fact that if Trump were elected president he would be the oldest man ever elected to the oval office, and the public has a right to know everything about him. One good thing about Trump is he has boasted for years that he has never taken a drink of alcohol, or smoked a cigarette which is impossible to prove one way or the other. However, Trump’s older brother Freddie died of alcoholism, which is what he says pushed him away from ever indulging in such things.

One area of concern is Trump’s public love of fast food and less than healthy looking physique. In the past he has bragged about his love for McDonald’s, and he has been pictured with fried chicken from KFC while riding on his gold plated plane. Might The Donald have an undisclosed cholesterol problem? His campaign says no, and Trump himself claims he has lost 15 pounds since he began his presidential campaign. He said, “One of the reasons is that I have big crowds and that entertaining them is almost a form of exercise.”

Not all of Trump’s allies believe this is the case, and The New York Times reported some said Trump had been gaining weight — not losing it. All of this speculation boils down to Trump’s unwillingness to release information about himself which the public may find detrimental. He won’t release his tax returns, and besides a letter written by a doctor who may have died three years before it was published, Trump hasn’t given the public any information on his health. Therefore, the public has a right to be concerned.


Watch the video below of a doctor questioning Trump’s health:

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