Donald Trump’s father Fred was a KKK rally participant, old newspaper clippings prove

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In a world shattering revelation that should come as a shock to no one it has been revealed through an in-depth investigation that Donald Trump’s father, late millionaire real estate tycoon Fred Trump, was once arrested in 1927 at a Klu Klux Klan rally in New York City. The article the New York Times published almost 90 years ago says Trump was arrested during when over 1,000 masked klansman and 100 members of the New York police “staged a free-for-all battle.” How exciting. Too bad Trump’s father wasn’t seriously injured in the attack, lest we’d all have been spared the nonstop barrage of his hateful rhetoric. Apparently like father like son, no?

While Fred Trump was indeed arrested, no charges came from the incident and that is why it has received such little media coverage. However when his son decided to run for president members of the national media began turning over every stone they could to look into the past of Trump and his family.

The elder Trump’s arrest wouldn’t be the last time he was connected to an incident of inciting racial hatred. Over 50 years later in 1979 Fred Trump had included Donald in his real estate endeavors, and an article by the Village Voice outlined how the Trumps had been accused by a real estate agent that Fred had instructed the agent not to rent property to black people. The agent also accused Fred of asking him to find reasons to make current black renters to leave their properties.

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