Donald Trump says he “sacrificed” for America, but dodged the draft how many times?

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It turns out Donald Trump is more than just a blowhard, he is a draft dodging chicken hawk too.

Trump attacked the family of a fallen Muslim American soldier after last week’s Democratic National Convention. The soldier’s father, Khizr Khan, scolded Trump by saying:

You have sacrificed nothing!

Now revelations have come forth to show that Trump truly did sacrifice nothing, while doing everything in his power to keep the sum total of his sacrifices to zero. The investigation, headed by The New York Times, revealed Trump was deferred from military service on five separate occasions.

Trump received his first deferment in July 1964, after turning 18, to continue his education. He then received three more deferments over a span of four years while he attended college.

The final deferment is the most curious, as Trump dodged the Vietnam draft due to a medical curiosity. A 1-Y medical deferment was granted after a medical officer determined Trump had “bone spurs” in his heels.

Having avoided the war in Vietnam was a coup for Trump who said he “hated the concept of war” and that he was “never a fan of the Vietnam War.” Yet Trump claims he sacrificed for his country? The supporters of Trump contort themselves to reconcile his past statements with his present rhetoric to believe all of the words which bubble out of his mouth, which is truly an embarrassing exercise for those in America capable of critical thinking.


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