Donald Trump Reveals Secret Media Romance In Angry Tirade

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Donald Trump is furious… again. This time he is attacking MSNBC’s Morning Joe host of the same name Joe Sacrborough and co-host Mika Brzenzinski. Joe is a long time friend of Trump’s and has been fair to him throughout the last year.

Mika Brzenzinski has been critical of Trump, recently saying that he likely doesn’t know the meaning of his words. With increasing regularity she’s been critical of Trump as his sanity has dwindled over the last year.

Earlier this summer Mika had finished a divorce to spouse James Hoffer, a WABC reporter. This fueled speculation of a possible romance with co-host Joe. Something you might have expected, but which never was confirmed.

And then Trump took to Twitter, and it looks like he has revealed something that Joe and Mika had no intention of revealing.

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