Donald Trump Just Gave Himself A Nickname, And You Should Be Scared Of It

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Trump loves giving other people nicknames – Lying Ted, Little Marco, No Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary. To those that follow him, what he is doing is actually very powerful – usually he puts these names out by testing them “What do you guys think Crooked Hillary Or Lying Hillary” for example. What he is doing is actually making his audience consider whether Hillary is more corrupt or a bigger liar.

People seem to be stuck with the names that Trump gives them. “Lying Ted” will forever be Ted Cruz’s nickname. Sen. Elizabeth Warren will always be “Pocahontas” to Trump-ers. So, it comes as somewhat of a shock what Trump is calling himself.

“Mr. Brexit” – Which is based off of Brexit, the vote which took place in the United Kingdom, to separate itself from the European Union. What is disturbing is why this vote passed, it’s because of the emergence of nationalist sentiments in Europe – and now America. In response to what some whites view as an assault on their cultures by an influx of Muslim and other foreign immigrants. Many have attributed the winning vote in the UK to be attributable to hateful sentiments against Muslims. The problem is an integration problem, Muslims coming into Europe are going into what is essentially ghettos – as a result, since they aren’t taking place in cultural immersion, they retain their own cultures and remain at odds with the natives.

This is similar to the way that there are poor Hispanic cultures in America. A dual problem presented by the cultural melting pot and a lack of social mobility. “Nationalist” sentiments are becoming mainstream, in Europe – but now in America too. Polling of whites suggest that xenophobia is now a majority view.

This is what Trump has come to represent, not Conservatism – but what has become known as “Alt-Right” or cultural Conservatism. It is more concerned with preserving what it sees as white culture, than it is with justice in the social sense, or economics in the small government sense.

The new world view “Alt-Right” seems it may emerge from the dead carcass of the Republican party. The disenfranchised natives of populations, who were sold down the river on promises of Social Mobility feel as if they have been lied to by their leaders. In turn, they blame immigrants and people with different beliefs, for problems – whatever they might be.

“Mr. Brexit” – is a very dangerous term. It doesn’t stand for independence. It stands for white nationalism.

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