Donald Trump is in trouble with the Secret Service

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A report by CNN indicated the U.S. Secret Service had contacted the Donald Trump campaign regarding threatening comments he made towards Hillary Clinton and “Second Amendment people” attacking her.

The Secret Service, however, has neither confirmed nor denied if the interaction took place. A spokesman for the Secret Service, Joseph Casey, said, “Those statements did not come from our public affairs office.”

Donald Trump also responded to the news by tweeting:

No such meeting or conversation ever happened – a made up story by “low ratings” @CNN.

While the Secret Service has not publicly announced a conversation with Trump, they did previously tweet that they were “aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon.”

Trump’s unprecedented rhetoric has sparked a firestorm of criticism around the nation. Numerous high profile government officials have stated they are against Trump’s comments and that he should at best be embarrassed, and at worst he should face prison time. The use of intimidation and fear has become a staple of Donald Trump’s campaign. Rather than basing his candidacy on its merits, division and hatred are what are on the menu for millions of Americans. While Trump’s numbers in the polls continue to decline, he is still drawing massive crowds anywhere he goes. Only time will tell if Trump’s latest threat will lead him in a prison cell, or if his constituents will brush it aside like they have so many other gaffes while continuing to support him.


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