Donald Trump doesn’t address black audiences because he doesn’t feel safe

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Corey Lewandowski is Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, and is presently employed by CNN as an “unbiased” political commentator, but the analysis which he offers is anything but unbiased. When Lewandowski attempted to explain away why Donald Trump went to Michigan to a nearly all-white city to lay out his plan to lure black voters to his constituency, he accomplished two tasks. Lewandowski embarrassed himself, and exposed that he was, and still is, a shill for Trump.

Trump has thus far avoided giving speeches in front of a majority of black voters, and Lewandowski claims this is because Trump would not be safe if he were to attempt to do so. According to Lewandowski, “You know what’s amazing to me is that no one remembers Donald Trump went to go have a rally in Chicago at the university. And remember what happened? It was so chaotic and it was so out-of-control that the Secret Service and the Chicago Police Department told him you cannot get in and out of the facility safely. And that rally was cancelled.”

The concept that Donald Trump is at risk if he were to give a speech to a black audience is absurd. However, if Trump is afraid of black audiences it might have something to do with his continual beating of the racial drum which has become a staple of his campaign. The only way Donald Trump will be able to win over black voters is if he is able to connect with them on a personal level, and individuals like Lewandowski are not helping to further that effort.

Watch Lewandowski squirm under questioning below:

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