Donald Trump begged for a coke smuggler to receive leniency in court letter, the judge was Trump’s sister

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A biographer of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is spilling the beans about the failed businessman’s dirty dealings with drug trafficker.

While a guest on CNN Trump’s biographer David Cay Johnston accused Trump of protecting an individual who was deeply connected to the world of cocaine smuggling. How did Trump meet this drug runner? Johnston elaborated, “Donald got his personal helicopter and the one for his casinos from a convicted felon who turned out to be a major drug trafficker, and instead of cutting ties with this guy he kept him on, he rented him an apartment under very unusual circumstances as I described in the book.”

Johnston went on to explain how Trump pulled favors for the convicted felon, who just so coincidentally ended up in the courtroom of Trump’s sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barr. He said, “He wrote a letter pleading for mercy for him, saying he was a standup guy. The guy got 18 months while the people who actually delivered the drugs for him got 20 years. And by the way, the case came before at one point Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald’s oldest sister.”

Individuals may believe Johnston to be a crackpot with an ax to grind, but his story is corroborated by official records at The Smoking Gun:

At the time Trump wrote his character reference letter, Weichselbaum, then in his mid-40s, was already a twice-convicted felon. In addition to this 1986 plea to federal cocaine distribution and income tax charges Weichselbaum’s rap sheet included prior convictions for grand theft auto and the embezzlement of more than $130,000 from a Brooklyn manufacturing firm where he worked for a decade.

Is it a stretch to believe Trump, who has a long history of breaking the law for his own ill gains, would do something underhanded to protect a drug dealer? Absolutely not. The sad reality about Trump is in the long scheme of things he has done far worse, which is why his befriending a drug dealer is a mere footnote in the history of his dubious life.


Watch Johnston’s interview below:

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