Donald Trump admits he has no friends

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Turns out Donald Trump literally has no friends. Considering his bristly acid personality, where all he does it talk about himself and his fake success, this isn’t much of a shock. In fact it is fair to say that the only true Donald Trump has is the mirror he spends hours a day gazing upon at his cracked pre-cancerous orange face.

Trump spent around 20 hours talking to Washington Post reporters, which is strange considering Trump literally banned the Washington Post reporters from his events. However, Trump made an exception because the reporters were working on a biography about Trump and the failed businessman never misses an opportunity to fluff his massive ego.

In 1980 Trump was asked about his close relationships with friends and confidants. He said, “My business is so all-encompassing that I don’t really get the pleasure of being with friends that much, frankly.”

So trump is a busy man and can’t see his friends. That seems reasonable enough, but during the interview with the Washington Post over 30 yeras later Trump clarified about his friendships, “Most of my friendships are business-related because those are the only people I meet. The people I meet, really, I guess I could say socially, when you go out to a charity event or something — I have people that I haven’t spoken to in years, but I think they’re friends.” Off the record Trump stated the names of some men he considers friends, but he went on to say he hasn’t seen any of them in many years. Why? Is it because Trump can’t afford a plane ticket, or is it the simplest answer — that Trump was lying about the friendships with which to begin. Naturally Trump covered his bases and said he has, “A lot of friends. But they’re not friends like perhaps other people have friends, where they’re together all the time and they go out to dinner all the time.”

Is anyone surprised Donald Trump has no friends, and often spends his Saturday nights alone in a dark room counting his bankruptcy receipts? If so, they should not be. Could anyone imagine sitting down to have a beer with this maniac, listening to him bloviate on and on about all of his success while minimizing the words of anyone with whom he comes in contact? If Trump does have any friends, and he couldn’t publicly name any — which is the hallmark of a true friend as they don’t want to be associated with you in public — it likely means he doesn’t have any.


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