Did Trump fake his run for president to found a television network?

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While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations begin to disintegrate in real time in the face of his hostile and hateful rhetoric, it seems not to matter to Trump. Why? It has become apparent Trump plans to found a new media conglomerate after the election. Think of it like Fox News on steroids fueled by fear.

As recently as June Trump was called out by Vanity Fair in wanting to start his own network, which makes complete sense. Trump regularly decries the media as shallow and biased — which are two traits they share, so why wouldn’t he join in on the fun?

Adam Epstein of Quartz reported, “According to people close to him, Trump hoped to leverage his millions of supporters into a loyal television audience, which, to him, might make the long slog of running for president actually worth it in the end.”

The writing is on the wall if one pays attention to the pieces on the proverbial chessboard. Trump has hired the editor of the right-wings biggest publication, Breitbart News, with Stephen Bannon. He picked up disgraced former Fox News honcho Roger Ailes, as well as conservative “dirty tricks” operation Roger Stone on his payroll.

The Republican establishment has demanded Trump tone down his rhetoric if he expects to win, and instead Trump has doubled down on nearly everything. This is not the mindset of an individual who wants to win the presidency, but of a man who wants to endear himself to that select sliver of media consumers who feed off of unabashed hate.

Time will be the judge if Trump’s ambitions to found a media network are true, and we shall find out after November — or perhaps earlier if Trump drops out of the race. One thing is for certain; based on Trump’s past business history the network will be a disastrous failure. What advertising will they attract?

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