Despicable cowards call Obama’s daughter a “ni**” and “monkey” for attending a party

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Debate and diverging viewpoints, no matter how hostile, are healthy for a robust democracy. That is what the freedom of speech is all about and its original intention by America’s founding fathers. However, some faux-patriots have taken things too far when they decided to call President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia, a “ni**er” and a “monkey.” While these individuals have a right to say anything about anyone they want, they show how long they will slither in an attempt to score cheap political points rather than arguing about facts. How truly classy of them.

The basis of the idiotic outrage is Malia Obama went to a party at Martha’s Vineyard but left with her Secret Service protection after attention. After Malia’s departure, a neighbor called the local police and issued a noise complaint. In response the police went to the party’s location and asked the hosts, as a courtesy, to keep the noise down. They complied.

This innocuous event didn’t stop the right-wing idiots from coming out of the woodwork to insult Malia and insinuate some truly ugly and despicable things about her and her character. These individuals showcase themselves as those who will say anything, even about a politician’s children, to attempt to hurt them. What they do not realize, because they are oblivious morons, is ultimately they show how little they can debate the actual issues and therefore have to resort to ad hominem comments.

View some of the vile comments below:







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