DEBUNKED: No, Trump didn’t send planes to save stranded U.S. soldiers

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Deranged Fox News host Sean Hannity has found his hand in the cookie jar after it was proved his claims that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used his personal jet to help Gulf War veterans have been debunked. The Trump campaign always claims the story is true — but it certainly is not.

The story goes over 200 Gulf War Veterans were stranded in North Carolina in 1991 on their way to their homes in Florida. Trump, ever so graciously, opted to interceded on the behalf of these brave men. However reporting by The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler has proved the entire story is nothing but cheap spin by Trump seeking to absorb military supporter after his disgusting insults of a dead U.S. soldier’s family.

In reality Trump, at the time, was in debt $325 million for his airline and he had signed a contract for some of his “Trump Shuttle” jets to be used by the U.S. military to transport soldiers during Operation Desert Storm. Trump did not personally intercede in any help for the soldiers, as a contract was already put in place. The military did not specifically use Trump’s planes at Trump’s request.

When the man in charge of military airlift operations, Lt. Gen. Vernon J. Kondra, was questioned about the story he said:

I certainly was not aware of that. It does not sound reasonable that it would happen like that. It would not fit in with how we did business. I don’t even know of how he (Trump) would have known there was a need.

Trump’s story is completely false and Sean Hannity should be ashamed of himself for propagating such easily disproved nonsense.


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