Conservatives eat their own when Sean Hannity viciously attacks Glenn Beck over Trump

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Conservative firebrand and Fox News personality Sean Hannity launched a furious attack against prominent members of the conservative community claiming that if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins the presidency that it will be their fault.

On his disgusting radio program Hannity called out Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Glenn Beck, along with the “Never Trump” movement to decry their lack of support as a reason why Hillary Clinton may defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the ballot box in November. Hannity said, “You own Hillary Clinton. National Review, you own it. Glenn Beck, you own it. Ted Cruz, you own it. She wins, I’m blaming all of you. You own all of her policies. Yeah, I’m going to name names. I’m not sitting here and wimping out. I know there are people out there blaming me.”

Hannity’s attacks do not come as a surprise, as he has been engaged with a feud with Glenn Beck for some time. Hannity didn’t hold back, “Well, let me just say to all of you. And that includes the commentator class. That includes the Jonah Goldberg class, that includes radio talk show hosts. Glenn Beck is like on a, it’s a holy war for him at this point. I mean, he’s off the rails attacking me every day. Blaming me for Trump. Well, no. I was fair to everybody, Glenn. Whether you want to admit it or not. I know I was fair. My conscience is clear. And I, frankly, I’m proud to pull the lever for Donald Trump with a clear conscience.”

The rambling of Hannity was fast and maniacal. It seems as if Hannity has become worried Trump is not going to win, as Hannity has skin in the game. He’s been advising Trump’s campaign for months and has been angling for a position in Trump’s cabinent. Hannity continued, “Because you’re helping elect her. And I’m also saying that, hey, we have a $4,100 increase in healthcare payments since Obama has been president. It’s only going to go higher. You get responsibility for that, too! We have got 12 million more Americans on food stamps. If that increases, I’m going to blame you! We have 46 million total. Eight million more Americans living in poverty. Fifty million Americans in poverty. If that gets worse, I’m blaming you! You know, we have the worst home ownership in 51 years. If that gets worse, guess who I’m blaming? I’m blaming all of you!”

The Fox News host did not shy away from his support of Trump, and knows Glenn Beck has claimed Trump’s rise is partly Hannity’s fault. Hannity claims to own the responsibility, “And you are going to say, ‘Hannity, we blame you. You gave Donald Trump time on your show.’ And I gave every other candidate time. His agenda is infinitely better than hers. And if you can’t see that, then that’s your problem. You own it. You own her. You own every dumb thing she’s about to do. I blame you. Got it? I am going to name names regularly if she wins. On the flip side, if Trump were to win the White House and not keep his promises, then he would accept responsibility. I’ll take the blame and responsibility. OK? Gladly. I will proudly pull the lever for Trump.”

It appears Hannity may be attempting to back away from his comments, as the audio of the program has disappeared.


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