Colbert crushes Trump’s immigration flip flop

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The big flip-flop is coming from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on August 31 when he is slated to give a speech on immigration to clarify his immigration positions to the nation. He began his campaign describing horrible conditions of building a wall along the border with Mexico, and deporting 11 million undocumented individuals. Recently Trump has attempted to tone down his rhetoric in an attempt to win back the favor of millions of people who he has alienated. Due to Trump’s inconclusive stand, Stephen Colbert, of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, attempted to help clarify what Trump has been attempting to say.

Cobert began the segment of “The Werd”, “He has to give this speech sooner or later, because immigration has gone from being the one thing everyone thought they knew about Donald Trump to, and I’m quoting his supporters here, ‘Huh?’” He continued, “It’s time to clear this up, but not too much. Because what Trump’s saying now sounds confused and meaningless, he might just be confused and meaningless like a fox.”

After the introduction Colbert elaborated, “Now ladies and gentlemen from the beginning Trump’s campaign has been based on two things; he’s based it on ‘build the wall and deport them all.’ And folks, that worked great in the primaries, but just look at any recent poll. The thing is in recent polls Trump’s numbers have shrunk. You see his attacks on Mexicans and Muslims are clearly hurting him with moderate voters.” The comedy segment continued, “You see, for years, politicians have been so afraid of immigration reform that they wouldn’t take any position. Now, Donald Trump has taken two. And keep in mind that this is not flip-flopping. He’s not saying ‘up’ and then changing his mind to ‘down.’ His position’s a firm ‘up-down.’”

Trump’s obvious attempt to win back the favor of voters may come back to haunt him, as he will alienate his base who approve of his racist policies while simultaneously having his plan to win back voters he already alienated backfire in his face. Trump’s road to victory becomes smaller everyday, and this is due in large part to the American people waking to realize Trump will say anything to get elected. The faux-billionaire is on his way to Mexico as well, which will surely be a strange spectacle as he has made an enemy of Mexican citizens by default.

Watch the entire segment below:

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